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Help with Custom Mods

Guest southbayday

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Guest southbayday

I am not really at all savy with programing or html, but have managed to get a cart up and running and even installed one mode (correctly the first time).

I am still finding several issues I would like to make better. I am sure some of it is stupid stuff that is just a matter of education.

I am up for pay for some help on the issues, even the stupid ones. Here they are:

To fix in CubeCart:

1. Problems with sending e-mails - Could be a host problem.

2. Create the ability to provide limited access to purchase individual items. Need to be able to password protect it.

3. Install the mod to allow differental pricing for different classes of buyers. (I think goober has the mod available)

4. The ability to set the cart to make a one time charge for international shipping regardless of product catagory.

5. The ability to provide free shipping only on US orders, all other have a 1 per order shipping charge.

6. The ability to do a download of all customer information.

7. The ability to get a summary of number of each product purchased.

8. The ability sort by various fields on the customer list.

9. The ability to see the newsletter status of customers.

If someone is interested in working with me on these things I would appreciate an estimate of cost and how much time it would take to get them done.

e-mail at: info(at)hogwildstuff.org or smoran(at)gmail.com


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