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Why Why Why Does Google, & Yahoo Hate Me?

Guest married2mike

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Guest bennyuk


Google doesnt hate you, but Yahoo isnt too fond of you.

MSN loves you (but msn loves everyone, the dirty lil ho...)

To see if you are listed on a search engine search for site:yourdomain.

eg site:www.wholesale-decor.com

On Google it lists 10 pages, Yahoo just 1, and MSN 175.

All SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are only usefull when looked at with specific key words. You mention you have "good" keywords, but don't say what they are.

The SEO mod alone is not going to guarantee any improvements in SERPs. There is a lot more to optimisation than just the seo mod. I would start by getting each page to include a <h1> tag on each page (might need help or code tweak for this).

As for being blacklisted, it is the WEBSERVER that you are hosted on that is blacklisted (you are 1 of 506 website on your server). Being blacklisted is usually down to the server being hacked or compromised and someone using the server to send vast amounts of S-P-A-M email. Alas, there is not much you can do about this aprart from complaining to your hosts or moving to new webhost.

+++ I must say that I dont use the SEO mod so cannot comment on it and whether it looks at issues such as <h1> tag use, but I just noticed that your site does not have good use of <h1> tags, and so pages are not "optimised" ++++

EDIT+ I forgot to say, that I also think that buying a Cubecart licence will increase your SEO effectiveness as you can then remove the "(powered by cc)" copyright from your page titles, which will allow more focussed page titles to be used.+

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How long has your site been online. Google is w-a-a-a-a-y behind on its indexing and with the Grand Daddy update on the heels of this post you'd be advised to wait before crying wolf. Your site has a PR 2 which is not too shabby considering the code. You have a Link Exchange page but I haven't found a Links page. Optimize your links between relevent sites and you'll fare much better.

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Guest shannonlp

I have opened 2 CC stores I don't have the SEO mod. The stores have been online for about 2 months.

I do have google sitemaps for the stores. Google started full indexing when I finished the sitemaps.

A funny note. MSN started full indexing when I finished the sitemaps and indexed the site faster than Google.

Google, MSN and Yahoo have started indexing the pages. I noticed that on msn and google if you type in products that I have noticed hits from my server logs. My sites don't show any page rank at this time.

I did run a page rank checker and it said I would be a 4. I don't fully understand how page rank works.

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2 months is a very short time. 6 months would be a better indication of how you fare with Google. MSN has always been more aggressive than Google in their crawls so I am not at all surprised. You should get a links page online and start e-mailing sites that have a common interest about excahnging links. Most web masters will want their link on your site before reciprocating and that's just the way things are done. Press releases and having articles relevent to your content posted on other sites are an excellent way to boost your presence on the Web.

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Guest married2mike

I have a links page, that is what the link exchange is for. I have 81 links on my site, and I myself am linked at a ton of other sites.

I've got a google sitemap, I have also done a yahoo site feed, and a froogle feed.

Not long after I posted this uptimebot.com showed google as having 30 pages of my site indexed as opposed to 1, and yahoo having 3 pages indexed as opposed to 1.

However that lasted about a day as they are both back to 1, I can't stand how they get my hopes up and then end up going backwards to 1 or 0.

Also I've been online a total of 6 months, initially had my site through citymax.com when I was there wholesale-decor.com was indexed very heavilly very fast with little effort on my part. I left however so I could have more control over the layout, my site, and save money on hosting fees. Now that I moved to a new host 4 months ago, and to cubecart I can't get indexed to save my soul.

I'm just really frustrated, and ready to cry (yes I'm such a girl lol).

So please keep the suggestions coming, I will try anything that I haven't already.

Oh and as in good keywords, I meant that the ones I have are 100% relevant to my page. They are also the ones most used to find my site as well.

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Guest maxxtraxx

From the sound of it, you have done an excellent SEO job, so I would consider signing up with Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

Even if you don't really have a large marketing budget, its fairly imperative that you do have some kind of advertising/markteting budget. Maybe $1/day ?

Its been my experience that sponsored links work very well (no, i don't work for Google...) and you will see some return on your investment. Also the vast majority of web surfers don't know the difference between a sponsored link and a natural search result. They just click the first thing they see.

Sure, it'll cost you some money, but how much is your peace of mind worth?

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