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I broke it! Please help!

Guest Brivtech

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Guest Brivtech

I'm re-submitting this as a new topic, because perhaps I haven't explained previous topics well enough. Here is my problem:

I tried installing CubeCart into a sub-domain and all I get is a text version of CubeCart.

I have an application where I need to install several different shops all on the same web domain. The shops are separate businesses within a group. I figured that the best way of doing it was to install each one within a sub-domain, because that way the cookies won't conflict.

My server works like Go-Daddy where sub-domains are set up through a control panel, and when I FTP, the subdomain works through a folder. If I go to the site without the subdomain, I can still access the subdomain by adding the folder name. I got cubecart working (Which helped me evaluate it) by accessing it through the folder, but that doesn't fix being able to access a fully working version of CubeCart through the subdomain.

My original problem remains well and truly unresolved - The problem is that I NEED CubeCart to work in multiple subdomains, a separate cart for each subdomain.

So far the responses (From one person - Your replies are appreciated, however, they haven't actually got me any further forward) have been limited to the problem. I am after all, after TECHNICAL support, not MORAL support. :on2long:

:dizzy: Please help:

- Is there something I'm doing wrong?

- Is there a better way I could do this?

- Why is it not working properly?

- What additional information do I need to provide that could contribute towards a fix?


I need to resolve this problem, I have many shops to license when I get this working, I cannot accept any answer apart from some form of a solution.

Thank you for your patience and time helping. I really need and appreciate it.

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I have the same problem and i resolved it and kept a log, here it is:...

Upload all files as per the instructions - To upload them into your subdomain configuration, do like this:


Next, run the install, and do it by calling this:


The instalation will start:


Accept license, Continue


Check file permissions. I normally find that for some reason, I have to reset the permission on pear/tmp/ to 777, and when I do this using WS-FTP Pro, I check subfolders as well.



Enter in database settings

Change country to your country

Enter in Admin login details

Select your skin

Advanced settings should take this form (This is where the cubecart software screws up and the reason you were getting text only was because the system was reading things in the wrong places - Kind of weird that it worked that far):

--> Change http//subdomain.yourdomain.com/subdomain to http//subdomain.yourdomain.com/

--> /home/content/B/r/i/FTPLOGINUSERNAME/html/SUBDOMAIN - Note, names changes, but leave this line intact.

--> Change /subdomain/ to /



Check permissions

change as above or continue


Instalation Sucessfull with:

Admin homepage:

http://subdomain.yourdomain.com//admin/ --> Note the // before Admin - Ignore this and just use a single /

Store Homepage:

http://subdomain.yourdomain.com// --> Note again, the // - Again just use a single /

Delete the install folder

Everything should work

Done :on2long: Make a cuppa!

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Guest Brivtech

Many thanks Brenty, it was the configuration in Step 3 that I couldn't get right. Firstly, I used the default values, which were of course wrong, adding in a folder that shouldn't have been there, and after that, well, I just couldn't get the right combination.

It all works beautifully now, and I have to say that I am superbly impressed with the software. It does about everything I can think of except subscriptions.

Thank you again everyone for contributing help towards fixing the problem.

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Because of the way the admin redirects things, it may be easiest to reach it by www.domain.com/subdomain/CubeCart/admin/.

If everything else works properly with subdomain.domain.com/CubeCart/, I wouldn't mess with it. The problem is arising from the way subdomains are handled on the server. Just work around it.


There is still something drastically wrong with installing in a sub-domain. I have searched every forum thread about this issue and it has not been resolved. Here is the scenario plain and simple:

Install cubecart in http://subdomain.domain.com

assuming the subdomain settings redirect to the subdirectory subdomain, i.e.: http://domain.com/subdomain/

in global.inc.php settings are as follows:

$glob['rootDir'] = '/subdomain';

$glob['rootRel'] = '/';

$glob['storeURL'] = 'http://subdomain.domain.com/';

First off, you cannot get to the admin page without explicitly referencing:


because it automatically makes it "goto=/subdomain/admin/index.php" which is INCORRECT

this would only work if you duplicated the CC contents in http://domain.com/subdomain/subdomain/

However, the fix above does get around this problem.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, the shopping cart does not function correctly. I have tried every combination of root_dir and rel_dir to fix this and nothing resolves this issue.

At first glance everything seems alright, but go to add to basket for an item and you will see that it automatically tries to go to http://subdomain.domain.com/subdomain/...

This is incorrect.

Please can't somebody fix this problem? I promised installation of this in a subdomain and now I can't deliver.

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Did you use your hosts cpanel subdomain tool to redirect the URL to the correct folder? I don't remember exactly what I had to do, but the first time I asked my hosting company and then did the others myself. Works perfectly.

I have 7 stores running each in their own subdomain with none of the problems you list. So I suspect it is a configuration error.

Also, after you do the domain redirection, be sure to check global.inc.php and check your path. Make sure it's yourdomain.com and not subdomain.yourdomain.com in the path statement.

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Guest Brivtech

Sorry, I missed this post.

Configuration for subdomains as follows:

$glob['rootDir'] = '/home/content/B/r/i/{FTP_USERNAME}/html/{SUBDIRECTORY}';

$glob['rootRel'] = '/';

$glob['storeURL'] = 'http://{SUBDIRECTORY}.{WEBSITE}.com';

Bearing in mind that anything I've put like {THIS} should be replaced by the correct information for your system.

Also, that this configuration works specifically on a "Secureserver" system, which is used by my hosting (For Brivtech customers), and also GoDaddys.

And further that you need to set up a subdomain as Mysty mentioned using the hosting contrrol panel first (And allow it some time for the server to make changes - The folder that acts as the subdomain will then appear in your FTP software when it is ready).

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