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"Manual" Gateway Possible?

Guest Darkheart

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Guest Darkheart

Hi there, I've been developing this software for a friend of mine who wanted to set up a simple webshop quickly and easily that he could manage simply. So far I'm finding Cubecart pretty good.

We do have one small issue however.

My friend has the ability to take credit-card payments via his own system in the office and can do this much more cheaply than any of the payment gateways (he is quite low volume on these products ATM). He would like to simply recieve the customers order via e-mail with the credit card details so he can simply debit the customers card and send a confirmation e-mail to the customer manually. This is similar to the way a lot of mail order companies work particularly those that work by phone.

Quiet simply, is this possible with Cubecart? If so how do I configure it? Or does he have to use one of the preselected gateways?



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You can setup a simple form mailer and link it to an order form on your site pretty much like this one : http://www.vitaminlink.net/order-form/info...84412133e5ce1b0

It shouldn't be too difficult to set this up.

// make sure this script was called via POST method, not GET


exit('Not a POST request.');


// make your changes here

$sender = 'their email';

$recipient = 'your email';

$subject = 'Submitted form contents from your website';

$body = "Input from submitted form:\n\n";

$redirect = 'thank you.html';

// loop through form input

foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) {

$body .= $key . ' = ' . $value . "\n";


// additional (client) information

$body .= "\n\nAdditional (client) information:\n\n"

. 'Date = ' . date('Y-m-d H:i') . "\n"

. 'Browser = ' . HTTP_USER_AGENT . "\n"

. 'IP Address = ' . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . "\n"

. 'Hostname = ' . gethostbyaddr($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) . "\n";

// send email

mail($recipient, $subject, $body, 'From: ' . $sender);

// redirect to confirmation page

header('Location: ' . $redirect);


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Guest gwizard

Roban, I think he meant getting credit cards manually and then proccessing them. Not order form.

Dark, I have built such mod.

Please visit cubeCart.org forum and look at Manual Credit Mod under Commercial Mods.

Btw, questions about mods, missing functionality and such are more appropriate and better answered in the cubecart.org forum.


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