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So - what mods are you running?

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Guest dcwd

I thought it'd be cool to see what everyone's moddin' there stores with.

I'll go first:

ebay display (hack by me)

mailing list (hack by me)


catalog/ list all products (hacked a printable view)


number of users online (hack by me)

Hyperwallet payment mod

contact form

meta tags

I think I'm overlooking a few.

so, whatch got?

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Guest stijnj

-category description

-most popular products in each category

-hide / display categories

-hide / display products

-advanced catalog + printable version

-latest new products table

-products sorted by date

-customers' product reviews

-customers' wish list

-fixed option price

-hide/display language select box

-image uploader for extra images

-customers who bought xxx also bought xxx

-productsearchbox in admin

-customers' testimonials

-some extra style settings

all mods above written by myself

-simple contact form (author ?? i rewrote an E-store mod)

-stockcontrol (wildbill - I did some adjustments)

-agree to terms before check-out (author ?? )

-DHTML style admin menu (author js-code ?? i rewrote the code to fit CC)

latest custom work

- shippingcost calculated by total order

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Guest broady

- Ebay Mod

- Shipping Mod (Paid 4 Mod)

- No Tax if outside EU (Paid 4 Mod)

- Admin Search (Paid 4 Mod)

- Title Names (??)

- Admin Edit Options (Paid 4 Mod)

- Where did you hear about us (Paid 4 Mod)

- Hide Categorie (Stinjn's Idea, Paid 4 re-work)

- Options Out of Stock (Paid 4 Mod)

- Sale Item list (Paid 4 Mod)


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Hi, I see that some of you are using a meta tag mod. I haven't been able to find this in the download area. Could someone direct me to where I can find this mod. Thanks

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