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Australian Online golf store

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Guest vrakas

Hi there :)

Try and upgrade to the latest version, 3.06 is not recomended.

The login is not very visible

The search is not useable, i cant type in there.

GCR 8.02 “Snow Soft†Putter, i cant read this ;)

Hope this helps you, overall it looks nice :)

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It looks nice. But it's very slow to load because the top picture is all GIFs. Photos should be in JPG format.

Also the red link colour in the menu and on the right as pricing clashes with the green.

The top register link is incorrect, and the search doesn't work (it's just a picture of a search box :wacko: ). And the login button is too short, the word is cut off in IE.

Where can you login? I clicked on the login button, and I get 'Welcome Anthony Bently'. Odd.

You're also using different image files for the cart and index templates. The images used is the same for both, so why use multiple copies of the same image?

It will make a huge difference to the user experience to reduce the size of the pages, and re-use graphics where you can. At the moment, loading the front page will take 162K, then clicking on the 'View Basket' will load a further 162K.

Looks pretty though :D

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Thanks for the help guys...

I changed the images to jpg, and where i could..i made them lower quality, seems to be alot quicker and smaller, and i made the cart use the same images as the normal one.

Also, The search is now added, you werent able to use it before due to it not been set up. And im going to change the 'register' button up the top, to 'login'.. i removed that box on the right...

Keep the suggestions coming :)

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