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" causing truncating when editing categories

Guest Brivtech

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Guest Brivtech

If you enter a category that features quotes, for instance, a category that includes a size in inches (5" candles), all seems fine, until you edit the category, and the rest of the description truncates after the ".

This does not appear to happen when editing product descriptions.

Does anyone have a way of working around this? A customer of mine has about 150 categories all with inches (") in already and wants to update the descriptions.

I've already reported the bug in flyspray, although I'm not holding my breath for a solution there.

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Guest garysmith


I have not come across this in cubecart before but we used to have a similar problem when using Unix scripting. It sounds to me that PHP is similar in the way it handles text.

Our solution then was to enclose anything that contained double quotes within single quotes, for example:

'5" Candles'

The single quotes denote that everything within them are treated as characters.

I don't honestly know if this will solve your problem here but it will only take two minutes to give it a try.

PS I would be interested to know if it does work.

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