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[killer] Help Needed

Guest poongamer

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Guest poongamer

I use the 'title' variable for something other then Mr/Mrs etc. - I changed it so members of my forum will use that for their forum username.

I have been able to alter all the templates so this appears on one line then the first and last name goes on the next. however when viewing an order in the admin area (or as a customer) the title is going on the same line. Does anyone know where I can change this?


Viewing an order it shows as this:

title firstname last name

I want it


firstname lastname

As I stated before - I have edited the templates for the whole checkout pages except the view an order...anyone know where I can drop a <br> in to drop the names to the next line on this one page?


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Guest poongamer

Look in: includes/content/viewOrder.inc.php

Also for admin:



I looked in there and I dont see 'title' anywhere..wouldnt I need to find this in a template and not a .php file?

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