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afilliate script?

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Ok so I am getting a little closer to having my site completed and i had a couple people ask me about a affiliate program from my site.

Now I am WAY new at this website thing and read a few books and websites about having a website and said "ok lets do it"

anyway, I have looked around a little (hotscripts, script search, etc) and I found a few scripts but most all seem to be for *nix servers.

anyone know of a good one for a windows server?

I would like it to be able to track sales not just click throughs from banners.

and if there was a way to do like some of them porn sites do and offer like a webservice plug in that would be great!

I do not have perl on my server but I guess I could install it for a good script.

well if someone knows of one please let me know as I am getting a headache going throgh all the script sites..

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