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Happy Birthday Brooky!


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All together now..... :wub:

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Broooooookyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Happy Birthday to you. :wub:

Have an excellent day and if your in here reading this on your special day get out go down the pub and have a beer on me

Ha ha ha ha ha Told u i was gonna get ya bud :w00t::) :)

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Guest aikdo


Remember one big thing... Eat Drink... AND dont remember it :)...

Happy Birthday bro...


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Yeah, he's just a pup. But talkin to him, you wouldn't think he's a day over 14. Quite amazing actually. :)

Seriously though, Happy Birthday Al!


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Happy Birthday to Me...

Happy Birthday tooooooooo meeeeeee..

Happy Biiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaay toooooo meeeeeeeeeee....

Happy Birthday to me!

(What were you saying Bill?)

Thanks to you all!! :w00t::)

Sadly and typically I am ill. I have cold that has got the better of me and a head like a heard of elephants has run over it (but that might have something to do with the single malt last night!!).

Thanks again folks. I'll certainly have a few beers tonight (not letting a sore throat and runny nose etc get the better of me)... *ching* *ching*

......... now all get ure wallets out.... LMAO (joke)

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