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News Update 3.1.0 & 3.0.11

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CubeCart 3.0.11

We will be releasing 3.0.11 which will fix more minor bugs in 3.0.10 in the next couple of weeks such as the admin session logs bug and others reported at http://bugs.cubecart.com

CubeCart 3.1.0

Development of 3.1.0 is going very well and it will have these extra features not previously announced until today:

- Search Engine Friendly Modifications (Under license from and originally developed by Rukshan Fonseka)

- Ability to manually add/edit customers & orders.

- Ability to edit language files in the admin control panel.

- Product Reviews

... loads more too. A full feature list will be released prior to the first Alpha or Beta release.

We are keeping a close eye on the "3.1.0 Suggestions Forum" and you if you have comments to make please do so there.

Release Date: End of Summer 2006 however this may take considerably longer. (Seeing as we are not far off! :huh: )

Pricing Model:

3.0.x will remain completely free to use with no limitations.

3.1.0 will have a reasonably priced annual leasing fee which allows access to support and all future versions or alternatively a higher one time purchase price with limited 3 month access to support. It is likely that 99% of the source code will be available with one file encoded so that it can be bolted to a particular domain/ip address. Those who have already purchased a copyright removal key will be pleased to hear that it will work with 3.1.0 at no extra cost after that version has been purchased.

A completely free trail will be available with fully encoded source code.

3.1.0 will not be available under the cPanel addon "Fantastico" or from hosting companies.

I hope this clears up any questions/rumours floating about.

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