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I have a customer that has an account with a compnay that will only let him use their website for sales. So we will sell some of his products using cube cart and I would like to see a category that the viewer can click on and it would open up another URL leading to his other website. I am not the best with PHP so if you help, will you please include a code sample.

If you want to look at what I have. http://www.auntverasattic.com

I am wanting to redirect the "Candle" Category. It needs to be redirected to http://www.dd.scent-team.com/

Thanks guys!

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There is a very easy way to do this with no php knowledge. Do you have knowledge of html?

Just hard-code the link into your skin's styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl file.

The link for Homepage is hard-coded; the links for categories are created in a loop from the cats in your database, and the link for Sale Items is finally created outside the categories loop.

1. Instead of a category, "Candles", all you need is a hyperlink named "Candles" pointing to the website, if I understand correctly. Therefore, you should first remove the category named Candles from the store.

2. Open the boxes/categories.tpl file and study the way these links are made.

NOTE: The following example is from Legend skin. If the code in your skin looks different, you'll need to figure out specifics by analogy!

3. Paste this code into file:

		<li class="bullet"><a href="http://www.dd.scent-team.com/" class="txtDefault">Candles</a></li>

4. If you want this link to appear near the top of the list, paste it just ABOVE this code:

<!-- BEGIN: li -->

5. If you want this link to appear near the bottom of the list,paste it just BELOW this code:

<!-- END: li -->

6. DO NOT paste your code anywhere between the BEGIN: li and END: li cues - you will be disappointed if you do, since these are the cues telling the script to repeat a loop getting all store categories.

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