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Category Links not linking properly


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I am working with cubecart 3.0.10. I am using an Old School theme that I got from cubecart.org. I setup an outside link and a link that directed one of my site docs at the bottom of the page and now my categories don't quite link up correctly.

website: http://www.auntverasattic.com


When you click on "Mail Box Decorations" and "Dog Breed Ties" they bodth direct to http://www.auntverasattic.com/index.php?ac...BDATA.cat_id%7D.

When they should direct to:

http://www.auntverasattic.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=3 and


So my categories that I create, don't link to the proper page. Please help! I am not the best with PHP but I understand a little so please include a code sample if you can help figure it out.

Thanks guys!

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I figured it out. I have 2 versions of dream weaver on my computer, dreamweaver mx and dreamweaver 8. The mx version was messing me up. I opend it up under version 8 and it fixed the coding error for me. I uploaded it and it works perfect. I just had to put this link in: link /index.php?act=viewCat&catId={DATA.cat_id} and we where good to go.

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