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Moving DIR's of your Cart

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Well Spit... talk about changeing your mind in the middle of the river....LOL :sourcerer:

I have CC installed as a sub DIR on my site, I was going to use the main static page but since I have the Mods and Skin done (almost) on the Cart, I've decided to ax the static pages and just use CC as the main page, between CC and my IPB Forum its all I'll really need to use.

Since the Static page is RSIGrowers.com, and the Cart is in rsigrowers/store... Would I have to re-install the cart in order to remove the sub-dir "store"

Whats the best way to move the cart without loseing the mods or changeing the DB ??

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Well.... I sure messed that one up :(

All the files were moved to the root DIR and I edited Global.inc.php to show the new path but the stores gone now and the Admin is gone to.... LOL :) (and people wounder why I'm slow)

Any Ideas on how to get my store and Admin back?

I can add "/index.php" to the URL in my browser and come up with the store, but that still dosent replace the old static pages, how do I get the store set as defult without haveing to have the extension of index.php?


$glob['dbdatabase'] = '*********';

$glob['dbhost'] = 'l*********';

$glob['dbpassword'] = '*********';

$glob['dbprefix'] = '';

$glob['dbusername'] = '@@@@@@@@';

$glob['installed'] = '1';

$glob['rootDir'] = '/****/11111111/public_html';

$glob['rootRel'] = '/public_html';

$glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.rsigrowers.com';


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