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Hi - I have just had my site listed as "live" in your "New Stores" section - that's fantastic, thanks.

However, it would be a good idea to put a "These sites are live, please do not place test orders!" disclaimer on this section - as I have already had three test orders.

..... <G> I won't be able to pay for bandwidth for test orders!



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Did the test order come from [email protected]?

If so, he/she hit my site too, and attempted to find "logs" by using the search facility.

I posted a message about this in one of the other sections, but I probably should have put it here.

I would agree with the LIVE SITES message.

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The IP No concerned with the last two orders was .... and the interesting feature about the cubecart system is that viewing the order shows the IP no - which is a hyperlink to nic.com's IP search facility.

The IP no used for the first order I received was an American Technology Institute who had a very quick response to my request to track down the abuse. I received an apology from the person involved who was testing what he thought was a demo site ......

Having been "burned" once or twice before, I am being extra careful these days to follow up on any and all misuse of my site.



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