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I have installed my cubecart thru fantastico and I love it. But when I installed cubecart I installed it as http://mysite.com/store/ and I installed soholaunch as http://mysite.com/ so I would have a homepage. however I have been customizing the colors of my cubecart and I had Goober put in a shipping mod and I will be having more mods put in and my cubecart is turning out nice and I have decided I want my cubecart to be my homepage, I don't need the soholaunch. I will just unistall the soholaunch, but my question is , Is there a way to make my cubecart http://mysite.com/ instead of http://mysite.com/store/ without uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, because I don't want to start from scratch again ,I just finished changing all the colors and adding products and just had a mod put in. Hopefully my question makes sense to all of you and someone can help me. I should have just installed cubecart as the main part of my site from the start but at the time I did not know any better. I hate to lose all the work I have done to it. does anyone know how to change things without messing everything up?

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Guest janpugs

You need to move all your files from your subdirectory to your root directory and then change the Global.inc.php to referrence the new paths. :rolly:

Hello it is me pj4455, I could not get in on that name so am using new user name.

anyway. I uninstalled the soholaunch which was veiwed by going to mysite.com and I had a friend try to do the suggestion above but when he moved the files everything got messed up. we were able to veiw my cube cart at mysite.com instad of mysite.com/store but when I tried to go the the admin section of my cubecart using mysite.com/admin or even mysite.com/store/admin I got error message NOT FOUND ON SEVER. so I could not get into the admin section.

This morning he said he was able o put the files back so my store can once again be veiwed at mysite.com/store and I can once again get into the admin section.

I was thinking of just un-installing my cubecart (I installed it in Fantastico) and then re-installing it as mysite.com this time. that should fix things . but I would like to know if there is a way to save all of the work I have done to my cubecart? I changed all the colors and moved boxes around and I had Goober put in a ship by value mod. so I don't want to lose everything. And then put all of the changes back into the newly installed cubecart? Please let me know if any of you can help me . or PM me if you like. Thankyou.

I am so mad at myself, I should have just installed cubecart as my main site right from the start! oh well you live you learn! LOL!

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There is another alternative and that is to just set up a redirect on your webserver through control panel or similar re-directing the main URL to the lower directory where the store is. Then if you decide to change back later on this will need to be removed.

Just a suggestion, not sure if it is the most efficient way though! ;)

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Sorry for the double post at another thrad, but this is *exactly* what happened to my store and I cannot believe there is no (reasonably) simple solution? The problem seems to be that /admin is redirected to /admin/admin/login.php?goto=/admin/index.php So somewhere CC changes that URL!? Does anybody have a clue / solution? Thanks!

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Guest leviwilcox

You actually had the solution the whole time!

Does anybody have a clue / solution? Thanks!

easily resolved by editing your global.inc.php

make sure the rootRel is equal to /

$glob['rootRel'] = '/';

should fix everything. :)

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