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Displaying sale prices name

Guest coylesolid

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Guest coylesolid


I am trying to display the text Trade above my sale price, to represent that this price is for trade customers rather than retail. Now i can display Price above the normal price as it uses a {LANG_PRICE} which calls up the text 'price' from the language files.

I have tried creating my own {LANG_SALE_PRICE} that can call my text 'trade' that i have added to the language pack.

i have also gone through and added LANG_SALE_PRICE to everywhere i found LANG_PRICE linking , but still no luck? any easy way?

now i could just put in normal text to say trade, but because i am using a MOD in which prices are only displayed if a user logs in, i cant have text there saying 'trade' when the user isnt logged in.

website is www.bathroomwarehouse.com.au/products/

hope you can get what i mean?

thanks in advance.


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Guest vrakas

Not very sure if it will do the trick but there is a mod in the .org forum for wholesale prices, you can check it out in any case, nothing to loose :sourcerer:

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