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Removeing Admin sessions


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I cant find anyplace in the AdminCP to remove old admin logs,, is there a way to from the AdminCP..

I did a search as "Admin session" and theres allot of topics but it looks like most dont get any admin session at all,, .. I get the session logs but theres several pages that I dont need

How do I remove all the extra pages?

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I created a mod to do just this as I got a bit fed up of going into phpmyadmin to do it + dont want clients doing it, dont know what they will delete :D:(:):( , seems to be working fine and has been for a month or so, but if you guys want it ill smarten it up a bit and stick it over in the .org (bit messy at moment as I didnt realise anybody would want this mod). Bit busy at present but will get on to it ASAP. ;)


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