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Well, I've tried Cube Cart about 3 times now but then removed it and tried something else.. However, I did one last install now that I am looking for a cart for a new site and project so I've stuck with cube cart..

All I did really was take the cubecart header image, change the colors and then used a small version for the content boxes.. I've removed a good 40% of the original html code so the settings.php, header_inc.php and the index.php have been modified various times.. I've also changed all of the widths and fixed various html problems.. And I've used a seperate stylesheet on the homepage along with showing full versions of the product images in a new window..

Really, it's been sort of a pain to try and fit everything into a 700 pixel width but I think it looks pretty good..

This is an in progress version as I've only done a few small modifications so far..

Here is mine.. http://www.rackspot.com/store/index.php

I was searching for some templates but didn't find any.. I did come across 7dana or something, no free themes for cubecart however I see my graphics look simular to the oscommerce theme but they are not. I've done all the graphics in fireworks. If you want a copy of the graphics and changes, email [email protected]



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Hi All,

Well, unless you know what to look for, I don't think you really see everything that has been done.

1) Featured items on the homepage show sale pricing if on sale, otherwise it shows the regular price.

2) I've modified the index.php so much that I had to create a second copy for the category listings.. Mainly because of the image popup with image resizing. Click any image on the products listing while viewing a category to see it.

3) Latest product additions listed for each category that is being browsed. If there are no latest products, nothing shows. I may also do one based on items for sale only for each category.. Maybe listing only three.

4) Had to rewrite alot of html code since there is a mix of 2 styles of html/php coding.. Either from previous copying and pasting or other people programming without sticking to a style.. There are tons of html bugs and other minor issues. However, these really won't affect you if you use a standard 100% width..

Lots of other mods are being worked on daily.. You can see the in progress version here, http://www.kickinpc.com/store/



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