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Orders Admin link not working only on Windows


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I have 3.0.14 installed and the admin interface is doing something strange. All the nav links are fine and open the correct feature except the orders link. It causes the content area to open the login window. But it only happens in Windows OS. It does it with IE 7 and Firefox 2. On the Mac, it is fine.

The URL shows https://www.mysite.com/admin/login.php?goto...rders/index.php

It should say:


I can't find anything that would explain this happening only on Windows boxes.

Anybody else seen this and have an answer?


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UPDATE on this issue:

It must be a Windows / Firefox bug. That is now the only browser / OS that does it. It is working on IE 7 on Windows now. It is also fine on all Mac browsers, including Firefox.

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