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Shared SSL fix....


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I thought i'd post my solution to shared ssl problem [im running CC 3.0.14];

First step follow this: [from http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=22509]

1st - I am running CC v. 3.0.12 so only 2 entries are required to set up ssl. I installed CC in this location: /public_html/cart/

*Root SECURE Public HTML Folder to store: /~username/cart/

e.g. /store/ (Include Trailing Slash)

*Absolute SECURE URL to store: https://securexx.websitewelcome.com/~username/cart

e.g. https://secure.domain.com/store (Excluding Trailing Slash)

*Enable SSL: Yes

Now I read alot of people who say they have got the shared ssl working, but now when they view cart it is empty, or their admin area is broken. Well I have figured that out too. Key point to remember. Once you have setup your ssl as noted above, you need to immediately go and delete your cookies and temporary internet files. SSL works on cookies. SO you have to delete your cookies and then close and reopen IE or firefox and then your site will funtion correctly. Do not try to log into your site, or admin area before emptying your cookies. This is key to it working right.

2nd - People should remember that your site does not operate in ssl mode at all times. Just during the required transaction parts. So when you log onto your store (ie. www.yourstore.com/cart) you will not be in ssl mode. When you view products you will not be in ssl mode. When you add to cart you will not be in ssl mode. But when you view cart and start the actual transaction, your site will transition flawlessly into the ssl mode.

Give these above steps a try and see if you can't get your shared ssl to work in CC

Second bit IF your store gives you loops, errors, http 400 errors ectect:

From this post: http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....=19559&hl=#

CC installs without the www goes directly to http://yoursite.com. In the global.inc put in the "www" i.g. -It should look like this- Http://www.yoursite.com.

Basically go to your root folder via ftp/cpanel ect to: store>includes>global.inc.php

Then on the last line:

$glob['storeURL'  ] = 'http://mydomain.co.uk/store'

and change/replace with this with the www:

$glob['storeURL'  ] = 'http://www.mydomain.co.uk/store'

AND it SHOULD work.

Before this tweak i couldnt get past stage 3/keep logged in/logged in but am really and carts saying guest ectect. :):blink:

I havent FULLY tested this solution BUT its working for me at the moment.

hope someone would find this shared ssl guide/fix of some use.

CMC :) :w00t:

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