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i am in the process of setting up a new cube cart site...my first!

was just trying to get my head around whether i can achieve the following:

most sites seem to have the cart installed either using a standard template or their customised one. the sites i have seen are pure shopping sites. what i want to achieve is complete integration of the cart into my site rather than the other way around...


i want to add a button saying 'online store' which then links throuhg my shopping area but the style stays the same...if you imagine the main black section of the page actually changing to house the shopping area...oh god does this make sense....

probably not...i guess i would just include the /store link into a button.

do i need the left and right hand columns like the examples i have seen?

sorry for rambling


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Yep it makes sense and you are in for a wild ride if you try to do this. Unless you are a coding and design genius you will be posting here for help until 2010 when you will most likely give up.

Anything is possible and your biggest challenge will be getting Cube Cart to look like your html pages but if you're willing to compromise you can make a pretty good go of it. I did this at one time and was able to have my Cube Cart categories in my html site by linking to it, using 'Buy Now' buttons that linked to my product pages but the overall effect was so sketchy that I ended up just using the cart as my site.

Good luck.

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ok cool

so use the cart....and style the cart rather than trying to integrate the cart into an exisiting site?

or have a different style front end and different stle cart??...not into that if i can help it

i take it i can still achieve a look and feel that is close to original?

...and the domain wll link straight to /store rather than the old site



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I sent some brief answers to your PM, but having seen your thread here and visited your site, I would like to expound just a little more . . .

I see your forum does not look like the main pages, it simply is a black page with some nice colors. One option, then, would be to skin your CC store in black with colors to match the forum page colors. This would be relatively easy. Another option would be to develop your present main page template for a CubeCart implementation. This will be more difficult, will require a good knowledge of html, css and the CubeCart XTemplate system, but of course will look much nicer.

It is impossible to know how difficult it will be for you to do this as that depends on your skills as a coder, but you can always request to hire a designer through cubecart.org forum.

As to the nuts & bolts of making this work, no one will be able to tell you step-by-step what to do, but you will probably find plenty of help will with general issues and specific problems if you decide to tackle it. Just be sure to provide plenty of information when posting questions about specific issues you encounter.

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