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Excited to get started with CubeCart


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Hi There!

Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya via Canada/Barbados!

I'm excited to use Cube Cart and I would appreciate if anyone can post any links in this forum to other good threads (setting up catalog, changing skins, SSL, etc.) that might come in handy. I'll be showing my non-technical business partner how to use Cube Cart so that she UNDERSTANDS how to upload products, etc.

If all goes well, I'll even blog about it [external links edited]


Max Max The IT pro [external links edited]

PS--> Oh, can someone point me to a thread that shows how to set up multiple stores on a web hosting account? I'm with HostGator.com and I can see us - eventually - having 2 or 3 separate CubeCart stores. Is it possible to do this with ONE installation? If not, this would be something you guys should add in the future.

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Welcome to Cube Cart Max. Your post has been edited for external links so please read the forum rules.

Answers to most of your questions can be found in the pinned posts at the beginning of each section or you can click on the links in my signature.

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