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How does one fix Latest Product Images

Guest Ausgirl

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Guest Ausgirl


I have been looking through the post's in images but I'm a little unsure as to what has been posted will fix my problem because I'm not quite understanding it.

My lastest product's image's on my home page have shrunk! :lol: they didn't use to be this size (dont know what I may have done) I'm needing bionic eye site to see them! The images are a good size when you view the actual item.

How does one fix this problem? Please explain in simple step's as I'm still learning. Reading other post's on image's they seem to talk about the GD. I don't know what this mean's but mine is set at

GD Version: 2

Allow GIF Support: Yes

Thumbnail Size: 60

Max Image Size: 390

GD Image Quality: 80


Help would be much appreciated


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Guest Ausgirl

Hi Roban,

I can lift the protection for you if you would like to look, Let me know & I will lift it tomorrow. I cant do it now as my host is doing a major upgrade with his sites so my site may be down for a few hours. I can post again as soon as he is finished to let you know the protection has been lifted if you would like .



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Well, I have had a look and find no problem with the latest prod images. Latest prods shows the image thumbnails. You have GD set to produce thumbnails at 60px (Thumbnail Size: 60).

This means that the longest dimesion on each thumbnail will be 60px, the shorter dimension will vary as the image will be shrunk proportionally to the 60px max dimension.

All thumbnails presently showing in latest prods are 60px X xxpx, as they should be.

If you desire larger thumbnails, you will have to change the GD setting to greater than 60px, and delete all your thumbnails then re-create them.

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And regarding the protection you have installed.

It only helps towards the people that dont even know what to use the picturs for anyway...

Your html source is still accessible and there you find direct links to your images.

<img src="/store/images/uploads/thumbs/thumb_Aspen_250_Black_Frame_+_Blue_Lens_Style_001.GIF

Most of the protections you can install like this dont really help, so even if you protect your source the same way it is easy to get it.

Regarding your picturs it may look better if you use a background behind them and make them more equal in size and square. Many of your products are long but not high.

and remember markscarts advice to delete and rebuild thumbs.

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LOL :)

Well, I would hope you don't feel bad about the answers, as to the "protection," there is nothing wrong with it, and nothing wrong with using it - but Arild is right, for many of us it means nothing - it is a javascript right-click disabler, and since some of us browse with js disabled, we can right click your site all day upon first visit :(

No matter, it is worthwhile to have such a script to discourage the most casual browsers at your site, I use such scripts myself sometimes.

As to the thumbnails, you have received some good advice. I hope you will implement some of it so you will be happier with your site. Here is a more complete advisory:

1. If feasible, consider editing your product images to be nearly all the same size - this adds to consistency at your store.

2. Re-creating thumbnails does not have to be too painful. There is a free fix thumbs script for CubeCart available at cubecart.org and elsewhere that can help you. With that script installed, you can delete all your thumbnails through FTP, change the size setting in ACP, and cith a click of the link in ACP this script will rebuild them all.

3. Another method is to edit your prod images and create thumbnails on your PC with a free batch editing program like PicSizer (google it) then upload them all via ftp to the correct folders.

Good luck with your cart

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