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Floating Search Box

Guest Matcin Electrical UK

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Guest Matcin Electrical UK

I wonder if anyone can help, i am currently designing a website and earlier decided the top was boring and added a flash banner... this has moved my search box and i cannot get it back at the right along side the header. It is designed in Killer



<div id="pageSurround">


		<div id="topHeader">

				<div align="left">			

				<object width="900" height="96">

				<param name="movie" value="topHeader.swf">

				<embed src="topHeader.swf" width="900" height="96">



				<div id="sessionBox">

				<div align="left">

				<div style="padding: 15px 8px 15px 15px; margin: 0px;">








		<div id="subSurround">



		<table border="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0">

		  <tr valign="top">

			<td width="175">





			<td style="padding: 0px 5px 0px 5px;">{PAGE_CONTENT}</td>

			<td width="175">















I have read through all the pinned posts and many more and have spent hours trying to figure it out... if anyone could help i would really appreciate it


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Guest salsababy

By the looks of it, you omitted the search/session box now.

As it stands with the size of flash, there isn't enough room allotted for the session box anyways. It's probably wiser to convert the header search/session box into a sidebox. IMO, it would look better to add it to the left column to balance things out. :)

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