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Guest imsrusad

Problems with adding Tax when shipping to a certain State

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Guest imsrusad

1) Right now I am using the USPS shipping, and I need to have it recognize when shipping..that packages shipped to Connecticut are taxed...but when shipped to anywhere else, they are not.

Example: Shipping a package from California to CT, the product is taxed

When shipping a package FROM CT to any other state...It is not taxed.

(stupid state laws)...

2) Is there a way to tax just the shipping cost? IE- You get your shipping price, say 10 dollars...I need it to tax the actual 10.00..Not the total price of the product.. Apparently it is a state law here.

So say Product is.. $20.00

Shpping is.. $10.00

I need to tax the shipping 6%. Not that total of $30.00, but rather Take $10.00 for shipping, tax the 10, then add the 20 to that....

This has been a problem I have been trying to get resolved for a while, any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated.

-Mike Cassella

IMS Advertising


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