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Emails ceased for orders


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For some reason I have stopped receiving emails when orders are placed.

Luckily, PAYPAL emails me when payments have been made. I've checked the cart and sure enough orders are there, but I am not getting my order emails anymore.

Is there a way to check and see if they're being sent at all?? It might be my server, but I doubt it because my message forum is on the same server and I get my emails when people post new topics and such. Just not from the cart.

Thanks in advance!!

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Guest Pete_bolton

Install any mods lately?

hmm, im having the same problem, i use digital downloads and the customer gets there email no probs.

I have seo mod, custom skin (killer_dark) which i have also changed myself. I set in the categorys myself rather than the cart doing it itself, thats it i think, what should i be looking for that could of changed?

Many Thanks


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