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Removing Product Quantity on ViewProd.tpl

Guest paulabakerparkin

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Guest paulabakerparkin


I would like to remove the quantity box on the product page as my product options specify the amount needed, thus making the quantity box redundant. I have tried to just delete it, but it is attached to code that helps to place the product into the cart.

I am also trying to move the add to basket button to button when I move it the button disappears. I presume it has something to do with the <form> tag.

Can anybody help?


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Both can be done in viewProd.tpl. Visit www.vitaminlink.net/cart and you'll see I've moved my add to basket to the top. Here's part of the code:

<!-- BEGIN: view_prod -->

<div class="boxContent">

<!-- BEGIN: prod_true -->

<!-- <strong>{LANG_DIR_LOC}</strong> {CURRENT_DIR} -->

<p class="notify">{CART_FEEDBACK}</p>

<form action="{CURRENT_URL}" method="post" name="addtobasket" target="_self">


<strong>{LANG_PRICE}</strong> {TXT_PRICE}

<strong> Vitaminlink Price: </strong> <span class="txtSale"><strong>{TXT_SALE_PRICE}</strong></span>



<li class="bulletLrg"><a href="index.php?act=taf&productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self" class="txtDefault">{LANG_TELLFRIEND}</a></li>


<!-- BEGIN: prod_opts -->

<br />


<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3">

<!-- BEGIN: repeat_options -->




<select name="productOptions[]">

<!-- BEGIN: repeat_values -->

<option value="{VAL_ASSIGN_ID}">


<!-- BEGIN: repeat_price -->


<!-- END: repeat_price -->


<!-- END: repeat_values -->




<!-- END: repeat_options -->


<!-- END: prod_opts -->


{TXT_INSTOCK}<span class="txtOutOfStock">{TXT_OUTOFSTOCK}</span>

<strong>{LANG_PRODCODE}</strong> {TXT_PRODCODE}

<!-- BEGIN: buy_btn -->

<div style="position: relative; text-align: right;">{LANG_QUAN}

<input name="quan" type="text" value="1" size="2" class="textbox" style="text-align:center;" />

<a href="java script:submitDoc('addtobasket');" class="txtButton">{BTN_ADDBASKET}</a>


<!-- END: buy_btn -->

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Paula, one thing I've noticed in you code work, and this one small thing will help you immensely once you get your head around it -

The "HTML comments" in these files are very important. They are not just comments when they look like this:

<!-- BEGIN: specialName --> and <!-- END: specialName -->

Those are parsing cues for php rendering of the XTemplate file, which is otherwise pretty much straight up HTML. When you are moving major elements like buy buttons, options, whatever . . . you need to make sure that the appropriate "comment cues" go with the section.

Sometimes the begin/end cues will introduce a loop of items drawn from the db, as with the news items you had probs with the other day. Be careful what you add inside the cues. They are very important, and an integral part of understanding how CubeCart code works ;)

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