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Have I been Hacked?


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Hi Everyone

Well my excitement of having a sale has completely disappeared....

I had a look at the order and the addy didn't sound right. So i googled the addy in whitepages and also done a check on the email provided.

The email provided is [email protected] and when i checked it - it comes up with a lot of porn crap.

Can someone pls tell me how i know if its been hacked pls :wub:

Antz :sourcerer:

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Guest CheapScotsman

It doesn't sound like you have been "hacked", however, the order does, indeed, look suspicious.

mail.com is a free mail service ... but you are right, googling [email protected] doesn't bring up much that looks very good.

The best way to verify the order is to phone the customer to verify the order (tell him that your fraud detection system was triggered on his order)

then ... phone the bank that issued the credit card and verify that the name/shipping address of the order matches the name/shipping/billing address of the credit card.

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