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I am wondering how o one can remove all products etc in one easy step. Basically I am having issues with getting cubecart installed on a site..I have 2 and works fine on 1. So I figured the easiest thing to do would be to copy all files from the one that works over to the one that does not. I do not want the categories, products, customers, orders etc on the other site. Is there a way to quickly and easily remove such things, or do I have to remove the products, then categories etc 1 at a time. Thanks for the help.

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Well, since the products are stored in the database and not in files, you can transfer all your files over and it won't affect the products listed on each site.

However, if you are wanting to transfer the database and drop the products from it, you could do that 2 ways. One is to empty the product tables directly (using phpMyAdmin, for example), or delete the products through the CC admin interface after the transfer.

I believe that there are other things to consider when copying a database from one domain to another, but I don't remember the specifics at the moment.

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I think I just said that the php files do not handle the products displayed on your site.

I may have mis-spoke myself when I said that the products are stored in the database. Obviously, the actual products are stored as files, but what I meant was that CC's knowledge of your products is stored in the database.

In other words, the only edits you'll need to do are in the database to insure that the products listed on one site will not be listed on the other site.

You can copy the php files exactly from one site to another and no product information will be transferred.

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