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I have a question regarding session IDs which I hope you can answer.


Do I need to preserve session IDs on any internal links I place within the site?

If I create a document/site page through the admin control panel, how can I link to it (perhaps from within the text of another site page) without breaking the session ID?

For example, if I have an 'About us' page and want to mention a particular product or another site page (e.g. "please take a look at our 'case studies' page for further info") and obviously link to it, would I need to somehow preserve session IDs in that link? 

In other (non-cart) software I have used, I simply add a variable after the link eg: <a href="mysite.com/case-studies.htm$session_id">Cases Studies</a>


I guess the question I am asking is, do session IDs have to be preserved, and if so how do I do that?

Thanks for your help

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