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3.0.12 Cubecart fails to notice change to Protx order

Mike MacKechnie

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I have also mentioned this in http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=22229.

There is a nasty feature of Cubecart's retention of session data when processing an order across the Protx gateway(it may happen with other gateways but I have only experienced it with Protx Form).

The scenario: A customer places an order, proceeds to checkout and is then transferred to the Protx gateway. Once he's there he changes his mind and cancels the transaction. By now the e-mail has been sent from Cubecart confirming the order. Cancelling the transaction returns him to Cubecart, but his shopping basket is still full; if he removes one or more of the items from the basket, then checks out again, he transfers to Protx - Protx has cancelled the prevous transaction and processes this new one. This time he pays for his goods and completes the transaction.

The problem is that Cubecart retains the order number from the first failed transaction and does not send a second e-mail to the administrator notifying him of the change to the order. I have a client to whom this has happened twice - both times he has missed the discrepancy and has ended up out of pocket as a result.

He receives an e-mail from Protx telling him that the first transaction failed, but because he has a matching pair of e-mails from Protx and Cubecart telling him about a successful order, and he is a busy bloke who receives quite a few failure notifiations from Protx, he did not notice the difference in the invoice amounts until he checked his monthly figures.

Would it not be possible for Cubecart to send another e-mail when the customer goes throught the Protx gateway for the second time? I have today upgraded to 3.0.15 (these two problems occurred in 3.0.12), but I'm going to raise a ticket with Ali about this regardless as I think it's something that he should be aware of...... unless any of you can tell me of a fix?

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Guest estelle

CubeCart is designed to only send off one email to the store admin, otherwise store administrators may end up receiving quite a lot of duplicates.

In some cases the order will have been modified subsequently, and the email will no longer show the correct details.

The Admin Orders area should always be checked to confirm the definite order details.

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