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Re-sizeing "More Images"


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I think I almost have this taken care of in Firefox but viewing it in IE theres still aways to go... What I'd like to get help with is CSS adjustments for my Skins/rsi/StyleSheets/popup.css ,, If you click Here then view "More Images" in Firefox its almost how I want it,, but in IE its way off...

Where in my CSS am I off? or what attribute do I need to add to the CSS to help IE out?

What I'm trying to accomplish is for customers to be able to view a Full Sized Image that I'd rather FTP to the Images folder instead of useing the carts upload feature, (which seems to resize my images), If anyone views the other products, those images were uploaded via the carts upload feature, (hence "resized")

body {

	margin: 5px;

	background-color: #A5A5A5;

	background-attachment: scroll;

	background-image: url(../styleImages/backgrounds/pageBg.jpg);

	background-repeat: repeat-x;

	background-position: top;


#pageSurround {

	background-color: #F2dec6;

	border: 2px solid #000000;

	margin-bottom: 5px;


#divThumbsImg {


	height: 700px; 

	width: 120px; 

	text-align: center; 

	float: left; 

	margin-right: 5px;

	border-right: 2px solid #a44904;


.thumbsImg {

	border: 1px solid #000000;

	background-color: #000000;


#divMainImg {

	float: left; 

	width: 600px; 

	height: 600px;

	text-align: center;

	overflow: hidden;

	margin-bottom: 5px;


a.popupLink {

	font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

	font-size: 75%;	

	text-decoration: none;

	color: #000000;

	font-weight: bold;


a.popupLink:hover {

	color: #070F72;

	font-weight: bold;


.txtCopyright, a.txtCopyright {

	text-align: left;

	font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

	font-size: 1px;

	padding-top: 5px;

	color: #999999;


a.txtCopyright:hover {

	text-decoration: none;


Any help is always apperciated ;)

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