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Problems with Legend skin

Guest stmack89

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Guest stmack89


I have a few problems with the Legend skin. Is there any way to make the page(s) wider? Right now there is a lot of room on either side of the page of just background.

Also, how can I change the boxes on the left and right sides of the page? I need to be able to add a box that has some logos (like for paypal and SSL and stuff like that) and for the information box change the contents to FAQ and Shipping Information etc.

And one last thing ... how would I add extra pages that have the same template? For example if I wanted to make a FAQ page, how could I do that so that it would look like all of the other pages?

Thanks for all of the help,


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Hi Shane, and welcome to CubeCart.

Much of what you're asking about has already been answered in the forums, so make sure to do a search before asking. Some of the moderators like to keep a 'clean' forum that doesn't have the same answered asked over and over again.

A lot of what you're looking for can be done with the index.tpl template file in the /skins/Legend/styleTemplates/global/ directory and the style.css file in the /skins/Legend/styleSheets/ directory.

Regarding making the skin fluid width, you'll find that this has already been done and may be purchased for a low price, thus saving you time. Due to forum rules, I can only point you to the www.cubecart.org site for more information on that.

On that site, you'll also find many helpful mods that will make some of the other stuff you're looking to do easier. Especially with Site Docs and instructions for adding new boxes.

You can add static content to the main index.tpl template file, such as boxes for logos and such. Take a look at the /skins/Legend/StyleTemplates/boxes/ directory for examples of HTML that will make your new boxes look like the default ones.

Extra pages can be added as Site Docs, although if you don't want some pages to be listed with the other Site Docs, you may either have to use a mod to categorize your Site Docs, or hardcode your Site Docs links.

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Actually, I was referring to 'mod' in the sense of functional modification rather than for skins. Either way, it's promoting a commercial product, which as far as I'm aware of is against the rules.

I'm just trying to verify what the rules actually are, since I would be happy to recommend certain commercial add-ons by other members when appropriate.

Does your reply indicate that it's okay to suggest a particular forum member where appropriate?

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