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Help Me Header+Background

Guest gemima

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Ill get crazy if i need too search more ;)

got my new header but for it too look nice i have too add som green background on each side but how do i do it and where??

and i like to get it center just now it just look stupid

look here and please tell me you got an answer


Björn The newbee!!

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in your skins/Killer/stlyeSheets/layout.css look for

#pageSurround {

width: 98%;

margin: 0px auto;

padding: 5px;


#subSurround {

padding-left: 14px;

Try adding this:

background-color: #10A710;

to either one and see if it works for you.

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Hi roban

Im sorry for the bad explaination

but i got an picture thats green and will fit to the logo that i want to loop at each side of my logo.

how can i make that happen???


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Oki sorry guys i love this forum and now i got this right

from now i will allways search at least 24 hours before i Scream fore help

Thanx for an great forum and keep the spirit up


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