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Guest pede

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Sorry... I changed my subject of my question :)

Hi all.....

First time CC user here.

I have a problem that I really need some help with.

I want to use CC to sell some double sided business cards. Well... I guess that I can have the customer order a front side and then a back side but the biggest problem is that I MUST collect certain information from the customer. I really do not want them to have to send me an email and then match up their order with the correct information.

I need to collect such information as Office Phone Number, Agent ID Number, Cell Phone Number, Email address, ect...ect...

How do I collect that information as part of the CC order process so that it is emailed to me as part of the order?

Thank you for your help,


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Guest Brivtech

This would require a third-party modification because it does not form part of the standard CubeCart functionality.

Have a look over at www.cubecart.org, and you should be plesantly surprised.

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This is actually very easy to do. There is a great website that sells these types of MODS.

The MOD is called: Customer Image Upload (and Text Input Fields) v2.0

This MOD allows you to add custom user input fields such as Cell Phone, Name, etc. for your customers to fill out plus it allows your user to upload an image. To be honest I think this mod would be perfect for you.

I don't know the forum rules so I won't give you the exact website but I will tell you how to find it. I believe the user that sells these products calls him or herself Estelle. So go to google.com and type in Estelle cubecart mods. You can put 2 and 2 together.


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