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Adding an Info page?

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Ive installed and I'm busy tweaking with the latest edition of cubecart :)

I'm using the standard legend template and I've ran into a problem :)

Ive got my categories sorted out and they appear on the left hand column as they should but amongst that i want to create an Info page basically the same as the homepage but with Tech information opposed to the welcome spiel.

The closest i've came to getting what i want is creating a category called Tech help and in that there is a box saying "There are no products in this category." Is there any way of editing that text so i can replace that with the info needed? as that would be the exact result i want.

If so, could somebody give me a basic explanation how to go about it please?

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks again roban, all done and exactly what i wanted :)

Would you mind sharing the link you found?

And could we see what you did with it?

Why did you not just use a "site-doc"?


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