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Guest ferrari2006

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Guest ferrari2006


I'm trying to create a backup copy of my main domain for dev work. (this has been succesfully done)

My problem is that I need to use a copy (and not the original DB) of the main domain's database.

When I try importing the DB dump to the new test domain using phpmyadmin i get the following error:

#1044 - Access denied for user 'XYZ'@'%' to database 'DBNAME'

(i've replaced critical details in the above error)

I've searched else where and most suggestions are that the DB user has not been created or has wrong permissions. This is not the case.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Guest ferrari2006

The error is saying that access to the database for the user name and password you are using is not correct. Are you populating an empty database? How large is the file?

Hi Roban,

The file is only 337KB.

"Are you populating an empty database?" = Yes I am

I agree about the username and password being different. I am running the beta domain as a subdomain hence I cannot use the same login details. (the control panel refuses to create another user with the same username even if it is for another database)

I've noticed in the dump that the original username appears. I've tried manipulating these various fields but i then get other errors from phpmyadmin.

Thanks for helping

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