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admin area does not work, all grey boxes with no permission

Guest www_ecommerce

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Guest www_ecommerce

Is anyone running the latest version of CubeCart (3.0.15) via the easyapps install feature? We recently installed cubecart and already ran into serious problems with the install, creates a security warning which we corrected by changing the inc.inc.php files per cubecart's forum instructions.

Now when you login to cubecart admin all the left hand side navigation links say "you do not have permission to access this".

We have emailed cubecart support and they respond by simply saying they have never heard of this problem before.

We believe the issue is probably a permissions issue, probably when installed but if anyone has any experience with this type of problem please advise a direction.

BTW: We have performed 3 clean installs and experience the same problem each time

Thank you very much for your time.

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Guest www_ecommerce


I received this response from another CubeCart user that installed via the EasyApps install feature.

comment from other cubecart user "Yes I ran into this yesturday. It is a permission issue. The EasyApp install script isn't setting up the admin as the superuser. It appears to set it up has a regular user instead.

Quick fix

Save the global.php file in the includes dir first. Then install CubeCart (3.0.15) from the zip file (from CubeCart) over the top of the EasyApp install - Run the regular CubeCart install in the browser. Use the info from the saved global.php file to fill in the forms on the install."

We have not tried this solution yet. Here is the global.ini without the pass info.


$glob['dbdatabase'] = 'datbasename_cubecart';

$glob['dbhost'] = 'mysql.domain.com';

$glob['dbprefix'] = 'cube_';

$glob['dbusername'] = 'username_cubecar';

$glob['installed'] = '1';

$glob['rootDir'] = '/hsphere/local/home/accountnmame/domainname.com/store';

$glob['rootRel'] = '/store/';

$glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.domainname.com/store';


Please advise.

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