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Payment clearning problems

Guest Brivtech

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Guest Brivtech

I've spotted a few topics to do with payment clearing problems.

There's some that suggest orders show up as cleared and paid, although, this was not actually the case.

Others that suggest customers have been able to get hold of products (especially in the case of downloads) without paying.

So, I'm dedicating this topic to listing any such topics that I find, in the hope that these issues can be properly addressed, and resolved. There are also some topics I've included that may hold the answers to your problems.

It seems that more often than not, these particular topics remain unresolved. Something I ask anyone starting such a topic is please be as specific as possible, and include as much information on your setup as you can (With the exception of passwords). It really helps having more background to assist anyone trying to understand how the problem has occured. Quite often if there is little information to go by, the topic won't be answered correctly. Please also take the time to go through the topics already there, the answer may be staring you in the face, but may not have occured recently.

Someone successfully raided my store, Was able to download product without payment


Cheater's fake payment went through E-Gold/CC., I believe EG file should be updated with MD5 HASH


When is an order an order?, getting order emails before payment


Get an Order email before order is complete with paypal?


CubeCart doesn't generate order but PayPal takes payment


Payment received for orders- Orders do not exist in database!, I got the customers money, but have no order for them


order emails sent without payment going through, any way to fix this?


2 orders in a row not paid for?


Payment never asks for credit card info...Help, please.


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