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Site Documents - Including PHP Files


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I want to add a new page to my site.

I have developed a knowledgebase / faq system. I would like to paste the code into FCKedit so that the knowledgebase appears within my stores layout, rather than a seperate page.

The problem i have is, PHP doesnt seem to be recognised.

I have tried adding it as an include file, and by just pasting the source into the source editor

I know its probably not working because of a mime type thing, but wondered if anybody had a work around.

Is there a way to include files using javascript etc, as its client side, not server side?


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Guest Brivtech

You can do this by opening up a frame within the document, like I've done here..

<p>Here's a handy tool for anyone who needs a quick caption made in a variety of 3D styles and colours.

<iframe width="460" scrolling="no" height="380" frameborder="0" src="3dt.php" name="I1"> Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. To use this utility, please go to custom.brivtech.com/3dt.php

This works by placing a php page into an iframe. I doubt that most people would even realise it.

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