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Stuck on Step 4 - config file could not be written.

Guest Kelz784

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Guest Kelz784

Hey guys!

Im trying to get my CubeCart set up and Im getting a bit stuck on step 4.

Its coming up with: config file could not be written.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest gromit

I too am getting this!

I have Uploaded and installed cubecart a quite a few times and have never come across this issue before.

I am running it in a windows server.

Has the install package been recompiled lately, My host recons i am trying to upload .htaccess files that are unix, Unless the package has suddenly started to include these I have always managed to upload correctly before.

Also the help on the screen advises that windows does not need to worry about this error message as its not needed by windows just skip past this. Well i would if i could!!!!! there is no way around this.

If anyone has any pointers on this I would be real grateful as my customer is awaiting the install

many thanks

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Windows has a different security set-up than Linux, and so the 0664 type system doesn't work.

If you have a control panel on your hosting, you need to write-enable the directory- otherwise, ask your host to make it writeable.

Once the config file has been created, you should be done. You'll need to remove/rename the install directory.

Then, edit the config file, and ensure the "installed" tag=1



	$glob['dbdatabase'] = 'yourDB_name_ccrt1'		 ;

	$glob['dbhost'	] = 'localhost'	   ;

	$glob['dbusername'] = 'DB_Username_ccrt1'	   ;

	$glob['dbpassword'] = 'DB_Password'	   ;

	$glob['dbprefix'  ] = ''				  ;

	$glob['installed' ] = '1'				 ;

	$glob['rootDir'   ] = 'Not sure - depends on set-up'	  ;

	$glob['rootRel'   ] = '/';

	$glob['storeURL'  ] = 'http://www.yourdomain.com';


This is my config file - obviously changed. If the database is set-up and you know the username/password etc, you could insert those, and your host should be able to tell you the location of your site on their server.

I run on a Linux server, if you need to know your root


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