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Importing Microsoft Access Database

Guest ace5p1d0r

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Guest ace5p1d0r

Hi everyone,

I have a large Microsoft Access database, I was wondering if it is possible to import this into the CubeCart software?

I am aware it might be quite a task, so please give as much information as possible. If I cannot do it I am willing to pay for the job.

Many thanks

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There is a free mod (in the form of instructions), or a commercial mod - both will allow import of .csv files.

You should be able to export each table as a csv, and

Visit cubecart.org for 3rd party mods, or google "cubecart csv import"

I managed to import 1400+ products from a .csv file into cubecart. The most difficult bit was sorting out the categories, which I had to do manually (I placed all products into a single category, then manually sorted)

pm me if you need help locating either mod.


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Guest ace5p1d0r

Thank vokf that's very useful. I cant actually find them, perhaps you could help.

Also, would you be willing to do this job for me? I would pay you of course. If you are interested just send me a PM.

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The viability of bringing data from another database depends completely on how that data is stored/indexed. Without seeing your original database, it's difficult to say what will or won't work with certainty.

You can find what you want by doing a Google search for "CubeCart Bulk Import"


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Guest Mark Flynn

I am just a beginner on this, but here is what I did with my Access database with 35000 products:

the products for CubeCart are stored in your mySQl database. I first copied the entire Access database into an Excel spreadsheet. (While in Access browse mode, click in upper left corner-that will highlight all. Then click copy.

Then open up Excel. Then click paste, and your entire database should appear in spreadshhet format. From here, you can drag and drop your columns (which were fields in Access) into the same order as the mySql database. They need to also be the same format, so if you click on each column, you can change attributes to text, numbers, decimal, whatever....

Once the format of Excel matches the format of mySQl you can use phpMyAdmin to import all the items into mySQL.

It gets tough to edit easily in mySql and CubeCart. Try to do major editing in Excel before the import.-things like product inventory and other fields can easily be changed in Excel en masse.

I didn't take enough time to edit my stuff before importing to mysql and Cubecart, and am know debating about whether to do it over....

Again, I am just a beginner, completely new to CubeCart and php and web formats-but it seems as if mine is working-other than for a few weaknesses like product category sorting which won't work-but everyone seems to be having that problem....

Also, once it is done importing, the products may not show up initially-if that happens, there is a fix on this site that is really easy to use called something like fixCatCount.php

Good luck-I was waitning for someone more experienced to reply to you, but since noone else did, I thought I'd try to help.

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