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Well this is a mess

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MySQL Error Occured

1044: Access denied for user: '[email protected]' to database 'Shops'

We had a store all set up... (version 3.0.14) but we never could get the buy button to work and no one could ever log in.. it never would accept a new registration.. So after several months I gave up trying to find a fix and figured its time to start over from basic one.

I deleted the whole database (yes after a backup)

I deleted all Cube Cart Files/folders

I refreshed the server

I created a new database

I FTP'd all the files/folders to the server (version 3.0.15)

I start the install and can only get to step 3, thats when I get the error above

I know my passwords, ect, ect so why am I being denied access ?

I'm at wits end with this thing........

Is their anyone who truly knows how to set up one of these?........


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ACKKKkkkk !!

Your right Joe,, that helped the the store is back on.. (to a point anyways) we still cant get the buy button to work and people still cant register .... I'm at a loss, not only that, but my license key wont work anymore

Have you ever had "One of those Days?"


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