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Digital Downloads and Product Options


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Thanks to the help on this forum I have now installed CC, got digital downloads working, and even got the email notification to fly straight and level. Not bad. It was all going so well, until....I tried to combine downloads with options.

I can't work out how to make CC deliver different download files when the customer selects product options.

Let me explain a bit more. Say I'm selling tickets, where I want them to be delivered to the customer as files that they print out and bring along to the show to gain admission. Or even a flight ;)

There are Standard Tickets at £10, and Concession Tickets at £8, and Child Tickets at £5. I set these up as Options, with the appropriate prices. But I can only deliver the SAME file from the download, since the download file associated with the Product, and not the Option! So if I want to deliver different downloads with, say, a blue ticket for an adult, a green one for ... I can't.

Can anyone help me out with this, or is it a "feature which will be fixed in a later issue?".

Thanks in anticipation.


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There is a third-party mod for this, difficult to find with a search, if you would like to know more about it please send a PM requesting info. This feature is not part of the standard software at this point.

Many thanks Mark. Managed to find it without bothering you! This is just what I was looking for.

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Guest cornholio27

I have just downloaded this mod and realised it is for cubecart v3!

Is there an easy way to port this modification to v4, or perhaps separate installation instructions for v4?

This is a vital element for my site's functionality, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did anyone ever find a solution to this problem. I am using version 4 and I have been looking all over I haven't seen the version 3 mod that was mentioned in the post.

If anyone knows anything I would appreciate if you could pass on the info to me.

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