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hi all vrakas once said to me that my site can be a example for others i however have been told that the grammer is not that good can someone out there help me on this issue english is not my best subject the link here My site

so just to let you know i am still adding products but the homepage i need help on rewording it and the proper grammer to use including the commas and periods if someone that is good at english can help rewrite that in a pm to me it would be must appreciated alot another thing is i need to edit the topheader image there is a mtd logo that i need to remove and dont know how to remove that logo without hurting the background picture at all if someone that knows how to code work can give me some pointers maybe 1/1 pm me about it and it would be thankful for someone to help me get my site looking sharp and professional appearing i been thinking that maybe its time to try changing the topheader image to something that will work with my line of business instead of the mountain scene if this is true and could make my site look better let me know i need to find out what i can do to make visitors stay a nd order

cause my locksmith business is not doing so good so i have to depend on the e commerce store to keep[ my bills paid and in order for this to happen i must have customers that order daily my goal is to have 30 orders a day so please help me get this store looking professional and easy to navigate .


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Guest Brivtech

Well, I gave you some feedback about that here: http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=27466

Tidy up the categories a bit, try and find images that would be suitable for them.

Also, get Microsoft Word. It can be your friend. It's got an automatic spell and grammar checker, so if you have a paragraph of text, it'll make quite a few corrections for you, which you can then paste back into where you need it.

I use it all the time, although my spelling and grammer is mostly gud, I often mistypethings! When you have a fast typing rate, mistakes can often occur without you realising. I just tried my bad sentence on Mircosoft Word, and it correctly corrected all 3 mistakes in the line.

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