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Guest yoursite

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Guest yoursite

Hi There

Im trying to move my old store from one domain to a new domain name. at the moment both are on the same server and the old store is still up and running.

how do i got about moving the old store to the new domain, & or is it possabile just to move the products ?

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Guest Brivtech

Make a backup of all store related files from the old server before carrying out any operations.

Also make a full mySQL backup from your SQL administration control panel. Only when you have done this, should you attempt anything else.

As they're on the same server, I'm guessing they both have access to the same database.

In this case, you can simply copy the files of the old store, to the location of the new one, and then change the configuration settings of the new store, like includes/config.inc.php for instance.

If this seems too complicated, there's another way of doing this:

upload the latest version of CubeCart to the new domain, and proceed with an installation, however the option to overwrite tables if they exist MUST BE SET TO NO. This will install all the necessary system files, and also modify your database if it's an older version. Now, after install, and deleting the install files, you will have a fresh installation, but with your existing store products. You will now need to re-apply any skins, mods, etc that may have been applied to the old store.

Additional information:

When you have completed the changes, then you can delete the old store files (But not the database if it's the same that you'll now be using).

If you are using a SSL certificate, you will need to download the CubeCart config program to reset the SSL settings (Or log into the admin control panel of the old store, and disable SSL while you move the store over).

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I am doing something similar but I am moving an old store (3.015) to a new domain and store (3.016)

I have backed up my old store files and databases but I am unsure what steps to try next.

I have tried a copying the old cubecart files to new domain. Then creating a new database and importing the old database to that.

I have then edited the Global.inc.php file to reflect the new database user and password but it still is erroring out.

Is this the wrong way?

I was going to try installing 3.016 as a fresh on the new domain then creating the new db, importing the old db and then ftp'ing the old cubecart files up. But I dunno how to do it.

Would I just drag them all up and copy over the old files??


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