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changing background color


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In my cart skin


obviously im currently using the KILLER skin

i am trying to darken parts of the background behind the information boxes

for example

On the right if you look below the LANGUAGE box youll see both its background and below are a darkblue color

You can also see this on other parts of similar areas on the skin

The part i CANT do it to is for example

Below the Cat Tabs bar

To the left of the Cat Tabs bar (youll notice a white space on the left of the tabs)

To the left of the LEFT column boxes (Mailing list, Featured, Popular etc)

I would also like to have the very BASE of the page (total background) the same blue. If you See the very bottom of the page below the FOOTER is another white space which runs complete around the page. I would lke that part of the background changed as well.

However!!! I do not want to make the background INSIDE any of the boxes change to anything other then the WHITE color they are.

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You're experiencing this problem because the Killer skin uses images for the tabs and for the box tops and bottoms, so you will need to open these images with your favorite image editor and make some of the white areas blue to match your background, or make the areas transparent using the .gif or .png imsage format. If you use a .png format, check to be sure IE shows the images properly.

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