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Have You Had Problem, 2 many products appear?


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I have seen several posts over the past year that indicate a problem of people adding a product, then having it appear double under a category. I've never experienced that behavior until recently, yesterday in fact, and it happened when adding extra categories to a product :wacko:

So now I am very curious to hear from others who have experienced this unintentional "cloning" of products. What I would like to know is that when this happened to you, had you added extra categories to the product? I want to begin looking for a cause in extraCats.php - because when this happened to me, i had added three extra cats to each product, and the cause of "doubling" was extra entries in CubeCart_cats_idx

So, the prods were not doubled under the main category, but under some of the extra categories. This made the fix easy - all I had to do was delete the extra records from CubeCart_cats_idx but it would be nice to find where the anomaly is in the code that allows this.

SO, if you have experienced this problem, were you using extra cats? Did the multiplying occur under extra cats or under the main cat where product was added? I would assume the former, since some posts I read stated that the prod was only listed once in inventory . . . But I would like to hear from others who have experienced this for confirmation.



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Oooops. Sorry, I missed this other recent thread. http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=16390

It appears that I am correct then, the problem I have read about from others is being caused by managing multiple cats.

I have also read the "chuggyskins" has found the source of this anomaly and is forwarding it to development team. A bit of a joke that he is not sharing it here :wacko: If he does not post more info on it, I will post full info when I have time to sort it out, so others here may be helped.

To moderators - could you please append this post to the other thread?

Thx IA


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Yup, this has been a problem for a long time - I posted about it when v3 first came out.

If you add a product to a second category and then close the popup window, then open it again to add to a 3rd category, it doesn't cause this. Only happens if you add to more than 1 other category at the same time for some reason.

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