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Any ideas, advice, tips?

Guest Paul_U

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Guest Paul_U

After looking at some of the websites some of you have been showing off... I feel like geez, maybe I ought to find something else to do... maybe pick cotton. I've been working on my mom's store for weeks and it still needs so much work.

Any tips, ideas would be welcome. Also I don't know how to put some more space between the Shop By Category box and the Information box.

mom's web store

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You should keep going, youve got off to a good start, there are some layout issues but you obviously have an eye for design.

If this is your first website then believe me a week is no time at all.

Some issues are:

Featured product image goes over title.

Layout needs reduced width as its not a good idea to scroll left/right to see the page(my opinion).

A bit of space under your box titles.

Nothing too major to rectify, keep going with the store, not much more to do now my friend. ;)


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Guest Paul_U

Thanks so much Burgensteen,

I'm not sure what you mean about the featured product image going over the title. I've tried it on several different computers and I don't see that happening. Maybe it's a browser issue.

Gosh, this is what I hate most about webdesign. Having to worry about all the different kinds of browsers and monitor resolutions that people might have.

Do people really bother to make sure their webpages look decent at ridiculously low resolutions like 800x600? I mean I don't know but it seems to me that most monitors nowadays default to a much higher resolution. I think for me maybe 1024x768 might be the lowest resolution I might bother with because this is such a hassle.

I love comming up with elegant designs, but then having to deal with trying to make them viewable at all the different screen resolutions... that's such a nightmare.

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Guest fullt

In IE6 , 1024 x 768 res the right side is cut off causing the screen to scroll. It isn't much - under the shopping cart button the letters 'ckout' is cut off from the basket button. Other than that it looks pretty good, although it took me a minute to figure out what you were selling. I thought it was hot tubs, but the title threw me. Keep going! :huh:

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Guest semolinapilchard

nice design!!!

only thing i can offer is proof read your site docs there are a few typos (fourty and inquiries) which i know is nit picking but its one of thoe things that puts me off a site.

good luck with your mum's store!!!

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